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The current version of My CTS is 2.10.2 (882d0c8a).


  • Updated our core framework to v6.
  • Added functionality to automatically update user attributes (name, email) when a name changes.
  • General Resources > Directory - Fixed a bug with the PDF layout of the directory.
  • Added a video introduction to My CTS on the Launchpad.
  • General Resources > Course Schedule - Fixed a bug with date sorting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused browsers to get confused if a user maintained a Microsoft account (e.g. '', '', '') in addition to his/her institutional account. This caused a situation where login to My CTS (or other SSO enabled apps) failed with no option to try again. Now, institutional SSO apps filter out non-Covenant Seminary accounts as potential login options and users are only presented with the ability to login with a '' address.
  • Added a new Job Board: This is a public website that allows users to browse for jobs as well as submit a request for a new job posting. This job board will take the place of tools used by Student Life, Field Education, Placement, and Human Resources.
  • General Resources > Safe Colleges - Added a link to Safe Colleges, our vendor for Title IX compliance and training.

Faculty and Staff

  • Academics > Panopto - Added a link to log in directly to Panopto.
  • General Resources > Directory - Added Work Phone Number to be viewable by employees in the Faculty/Staff Directory.
  • General Resources > Jobs Administration - Added a module for administrators to review and approve submitted job postings.
  • Field Education > My Field Education - Created a new system for administrators in the Field Education department to manage the Field Education life cycle of students. This includes assigning students to Field Education representatives, managing the submission and approval cycle of ministry agreements and hours, reporting on student progress, and communicating with site supervisors.


  • General Resources > My Bill - Added a link for students to access their student account via CashNet.
  • Field Education > My Field Education - Created a new system for students in Field Education required degree programs to view and manage their active ministry agreements and hour submissions as well as communicate this information to site supervisors.


The My CTS menu has been reorganized.

The following modules were renamed:

  • Rave Emergency Alerts was renamed to My Emergency Alerts.
  • Asure Resource Scheduler was renamed to Room Scheduling.

The following menu items were added:

  • Added My Account underneath Home and above General Resources.
  • Added My Profile to My Account > My Profile.

The following menu items were moved:

  • General Resources > My To-Do List moved to My Account > My To-Do List
  • General Resources > My Bill moved to My Account > My Bill
  • General Resources > My Emergency Alerts moved to My Account > My Emergency Alerts
  • General Resources > Safe Colleges Training moved to My Account > Safe Colleges Training

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