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The current version of My CTS is 2.18.3 (c63187ee).


  • Added various administrative tools to track My CTS usage and error debugging.
  • Added COVID-19 resources.
  • Refactored code in various modules to improve efficiency and load time and to decrease redundancy. Course Offering and Directory should both load much faster now.
  • General Resources > Course Offering - Accommodated a situation where courses listed as MAIN campus but are being facilitated online (due to COVID-19) appeared to be meeting in a bogus room at specific days/times. The courses now appear as if they are meeting online.


  • Fixed a bug where contact email addresses attempted to take the user to a webpage instead of opening an email client.
  • Fixed a bug where job postings that had expired were still searchable.


  • Created Housing Opportunities for landlords to submit opportunities and for students to browse. The new Housing Opportunities site can be found at

Faculty & Staff

  • Research > Reports - Added additional IPEDS reports for online enrollment.
  • Financial Aid > Reports - Added an Institutional Aid report.


  • Registrar > Request an Incomplete - Added a link to the Incomplete Grade Request form.

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