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  • Fixed lots of bugs related to My CTS, in general. These bugs are user reported, as well as through our automated error reporting system.
  • General Resources > Course Offering - Improved response time by introducing caching features.
  • Added the ability for deep linking, which allows links to pass through authentication and be redirected to their intended location.
  • Experimented with randomly rotating student pictures as a way to enhance user experience.
  • Determined that randomly rotated student pictures was not an enhancement to user experience. Rotated them back.
  • Due to updates to Microsoft Azure, added a hyperlink on the login page titled: Reset your CTS password. Previously, this was not possible.


  • Fixed a bug related to the pagination of results after a search filter had been used.
  • Fixed bugs related to the job submission form.


  • Registrar > My Courses - Added the ability to view Degree Audit (current completion of degree program) and Unofficial Transcript (record of courses taken to date). Additionally, advising staff can work with students to plan when to take particular courses, which will be displayed on the Degree Audit under Planning Term.
  • Student Life > Chapel - Added support for viewing past Chapel recordings as well as the current week's livestream.
  • Registrar > Registration Change Form - Added a form for students to submit add/drop requests.
  • Student Life > Knowledgebase - Added a link to the Student Life Knowledgebase.
  • Public Safety > Vehicle Registration - Added a link to the vehicle registration form.


  • Various reports updated to reflect additional (or superfluous) information.
  • Student Life > Student Risk - Added tools for assisting with management of student risk.
  • President > Trustees - Added the ability to save the selected fiscal year when working with trustee data.
  • Business Office > KwikTag - Added a link to KwikTag.
  • Public Safety > Vehicle Registration - Added a link to the vehicle registration form.

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