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The current version of My CTS is 2.30.5 (c55d7e89).


  • COVID-19 Info - Resources updated.
  • General Resources > Course Offering - Seat availability is now visible in the Course Offering, showing if a course's enrollment is currently full.
  • Various bugs were squashed.
  • Various improvements were made to increase efficiency and make things better.


  • Academics > Educational Technology - Faculty resources for remote learning has been renamed and moved from the Launchpad to Academics > Educational Technology.
  • Academics > Faculty Load - Added tools to assist the Academics Office with calculating faculty load.
  • Academics > Grades - Added the ability for faculty to submit grades via My CTS. The pilot phase is being completed presently and more information will be given to faculty in the near future.
  • Academics > Reports - Added a Course Offering Master List report.
  • Admissions > Reports - Added the Student Lists report.
  • Admissions > Reports - Added reporting for the Admissions funnel.
  • Business Office > Reports - Added reporting for Business Office needs.
  • Field Education > Reports - Updated and improved Field Education reports.
  • Financial Services > Apply for Aid - Added administrative tools to manage the financial aid application.
  • Financial Services > Reports - Added reporting for Financial Services.


  • Financial Services > Apply for Aid - Students can now apply for financial aid using the Apply for Aid module in My CTS. Contact the Financial Services Department for more information.
  • Registrar > Request Transcript - The Registrar's Office has deployed a new method for requesting an official transcript, utilizing the power of the National Student Clearinghouse. Contact the Registrar's Office for more information.
  • Registrar > Resources - Adde the Resources module to allow for linking to various documents and information.


  • New housing requests can now upload more than three pictures.

In Queue

  • Several large projects concerning One Stop (Registrar, Financial Services, and Business Office) are currently "in queue" as development is finished. Expected completion of these projects is Summer, 2021.

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