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The current version of My CTS is 3.0.9 (36e4f0c6).


  • Core system updates:
    • PHP updated from 7.x to 8.x.
    • Laravel Framework updated from 6.x to 8.x.
    • Dependencies updated. 
  • Vociferous bug squashing.
  • Updated various reports and things.


  • My Account > My Bill - Review pending charges that will soon be applied to your student account. Review the history of charges applied to your account, along with a running balance. See your current account balance and login to make a payment through our payment processing vendor. Setup a bank account for student account/loan refunds. Request a student account refund.
  • Financial Services > My Financial Aid - Review and respond to Financial Aid Offer by accepting/declining offered awards. Review and respond to Federal loan eligibility. See the status of loan documents required for loan eligibility.
  • Registrar > Registration - Pre-register for upcoming academic terms. Review/print an unofficial statement of term charges. 
  • CashNet - Our payment processor (CashNet) has gone through a large upgrade to provide better information and service to students.


  • Financial Services > My Financial Aid - Manage the creation, adjustment, and status of financial awards for students.
  • Registrar > Reports - Added an NSLDS report.
  • Registrar > Reports - Added Graduation Certification report.
  • Registrar > Registration - Manage student registration.
  • Library > Reports - Added a textbook list report.
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