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The current version of My CTS is 3.5.0 (bafb516e).


  • Multiple bugs were mercilessly crushed.
  • Arcade - Brave souls can now embark on an (not so) Endless Quest.
  • Jobs - Improved user experience and form validation for when a job posting is submitted.
  • Resources - Various resources have been migrated from the legacy portals to My CTS in the department's respective Resources module. This will continue over time.


  • My Account > My Bill - Pending charges(e.g. pre-registered courses and fees) will be displayed at the top of the page, whereas charges and credits applied to the student's bill will be displayed at the bottom of the page.
  • Registrar > My Courses - Added a question to the Grade Report to assure the student has completed his/her course evaluations before viewing grades.
  • Student Statements - Students will now start receiving periodic statements with balance information and recent account activity.


  • Academics > Grades - Added instructional video for grade submission.
  • Admissions > Legacy Applications - Moved the legacy Admissions Dashboard login from the legacy Faculty/Staff Portal to My CTS.
  • Business Office > Reports - Added the Term Balance Report for tracking student progress in paying balances.
  • Business Office > Reports - Added the VA Students report.
  • Development > Legacy Applications - Moved the legacy Development Dashboard login from the legacy Faculty/Staff Portal to My CTS.
  • Financial Services > My Financial Aid - Added the Student Profile to aggregate student financial aid information for administrators.
  • Financial Services > Apply for Aid - Added more administrative tools.
  • General > Course Offering - Employees may now review the course offering for unpublished (future) terms. These terms are typically still in development and are subject to change, thus course information reviewed in an unpublished term should not be treated as final.
  • Registrar > Reports - Added a Course Scheduling report.
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