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This article describes how to manage access and use of Group Forms by means of Microsoft Forms.

Create the Office 365 group

If an appropriate group does not already exist, contact IT Services so that they can set up a group for you. Please provide the purpose of the group and a roster of individuals to be included.

Create the form

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Group Forms and expand the dropdown labeled Recent Forms.
  3. Select the group from the list available.
  4. Click New form.
  5. Build the form.
  6. Click on the "..." button and select Settings.
  7. Select Get email notification of each response.

Brand the form

Use the following logo in the header of your formThe gray background is simply so you can see the logo - it is not part of the logo itself.

Change form accent color

  1. Open the form editor.
  2. Click Theme.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the available theme options and colors.
  4. Select to customize the theme.
  5. Click the paint can icon.
  6. Enter #003865 as the hex value.

This will update the header background color as well as button colors.

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