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Student accounts


  • Student accounts are provisioned during the application process.
  • All students receive an institutional email address.
  • Student passwords do not expire.


Student accounts are disabled if the account meets any of the following criteria:

  • The student has not enrolled in a course for over two years.
  • The student did not enroll in a course during the term of his or her expected entrance.

Students are notified by email twice of their pending account disable:

  • Two months prior
  • One month prior

After the two-year gap in enrollment, a student is required to reapply for admission to the institution, during which time the student's user account will be reenabled.

Employee accounts


  • Employee accounts are provisioned as part of the Hiring Process Workflow.
  • IT Services will not provision an employee account without verification from Human Resources.
  • All employees receive an institutional email address.
  • Employee account passwords expire every 6 months.

Employees are notified by email three times before their password expires:

  • Two weeks prior
  • One week prior
  • Two days prior


Employee accounts are disabled only after verification from Human Resources.

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