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This procedure details the process that hiring managers should follow when desiring to hire a new employee.


These steps should be completed in preparation for hiring a new employee

Create the position

  1. Secure budget approval from department leader and VP of Business and Finance.
  2. Create/update a job description.
  3. Send job description with posting instructions and end date to HR.
  4. Post the job.

Choose a candidate

  1. Receive applications and interview candidates.
  2. Finalize candidates and conduct a second interview (with different interviewers).
  3. Make an offer to the chosen candidate and receive confirmation of acceptance. The offer should include:
    1. Start date
    2. Job title
    3. Position/person to whom the employee will be reporting
    4. Salary or wage rate, with hours/week

These steps should be completed after an accepted offer by a new employee but approximately 1 week before the new employee's start date.

Complete the Employment Change Request


The Employment Change Request initiates setup of the new employee's user account, email address, and helps IT Services prepare for any technology needs the new employee might have. It is helpful to submit this as soon as possible after an offer has been accepted.

The Employment Change Request can be found here:


  1. Go to and log in with your employee email and password.
  2. Click on My CTS.
  3. Click on Human Resources > Employment Change.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions for creating a new Employment Change Request.

A submitted Employment Change Request will notify various parties of the new hire:

  • Human Resources (who will in turn, notify IT Services)
  • The hiring manager
  • The creator of the request
  • The previous manager (in the event the employee is transferring or adding a role in a different department)

Request Completion of the New Hire Enrollment Packet

The hiring manager should work with the new employee to complete the Human Resources New Hire Enrollment Packet prior to the start date. This assists in on-boarding and helping the employee start his/her job immediately.


These steps should be completed during the first week of the new employee's employment.

New Employee On-Boarding

During the first week of work, it is helpful both to the institution and to the new employee for the hiring manager to orient the new employee to various policies and procedures pertaining to the department he/she will be working in. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy
  • Department policies and procedures
  • Department dress code
  • Department expected arrival and departure times
  • Mail and shipping
  • Purchasing and expense reporting
  • Campus Safety and Security Report

Notify the campus of the new employee

Possibilities include:

  • Send a campus-wide email introducing the new employee.
  • Tour campus with the new employee and make introductions.
  • Assign a point-of-contact for the new employee to assist with general questions.

Other Concerns and requests

Consider these questions as they pertain to the new employee:


Will the new employee need keys to particular buildings?

Does the new employee have a vehicle he/she will be driving to work?Physical Plant

Does the employee have a suitable workstation (chair, desk, etc.)?Physical
Will the employee need the ability to make reservations in the Resource Scheduler?Physical
Has the employee received his/her employee ID?Libraryin-person visit
Does the employee need assistance using his/her phone or computer?IT Services

Does the employee need permission to print to multiple printers?IT
Does the employee have access to shared drives and mailboxes that are needed to complete his/her work?IT
Is the employee aware of the Employee manual/Policy and procedure manual?Human Resources

Has the employee filled out paperwork for insurance and benefits?Human Resources

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